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12 January 2013


Greenland … “Of Life, Water and Ice”

We now know that mountain glaciers and ice caps melt, the whole difficulty is to know how fast they melt.

With our experience we organize the expedition “Greenland 2012 -2013.” The scientific objective of the expedition will be to highlight “the speed of melting.” Why Greenland?

The Greenland ice sheet is the largest land mass in the Northern Hemisphere jelly. It melts at a rate of at least 50 cubic kilometers per year, causing a rise in global sea levels by 0.13 millimeters per year ….

There is still time to act!



… l’Islande

We organized a trip to the ARGOS company, full of emotion with a route of fire and ice during 5 days ……

With our expertise we have allowed this group of beginners a rope descent within a well of ice (10m to 15m mill).

Then aboard a super jeep, we joined the icecap “EYJAFJÖLLKULL” to go on a snow scooter and reach the summit of Volcano “Eyjafjallajökull” iced. Iceland adventure playground, also called the relaxation (swimming in the lagoon, fishing …)


11 January 2013

NSA is committed to provide you with concepts responding to your request as original or unique, even if it …