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Our commitment: NSA is committed to provide you with concepts responding to your request through original or even innovative concepts, although it means moving mountains !

Travel, incentive, event, seminar, convention, launch, kick-off, team building …
This desire to innovate to make an impression can be found at several levels:

Content: consistency is the theme of our projects

Rhythm: NSA focuses on quality rather than quantity. Our experience has taught us that it is better to look for a few moments, rich in meaning, rather than make a run at the business, often synonymous with stress and fatigue for participants

Location: access to unusual sites or normally closed to the general public, to rediscover familiar places by taking care of staging or creating surprise: many ways to make sense of a convention or a kick-off

Speakers: guides, historians, lecturers, trainers, athletes, personalities … NSA only works with quality players that can be a real added value to the performance